Zones Overview

A zone is essentially a collection of rooms with a common theme. In some cases they are a city, in some they are a tower or building, and in some cases its a large forest or other terrain. The higher the level you obtain, the more complex the zones become. They often involve the procurement of different keys or the solving of mazes in order to progress to the “heart” of the zone where good equipment can be found.

This section of the wiki will be a place to keep notes on zones, how to defeat them, what special items load there and techniques for attacking the mobs. For more advanced players, this section will truly be gold since you can walk in the footsteps of those who have explored before you and perhaps save you a lot of heartache and death.

Zones are organized by continents and then alphabetically, though it would be in everyone's best interest to label each zone's difficulty so level 55s don't wander into a HERO area and wind up dead :-P

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