Level Range

40-Mid Avatar


Belt of Skulls Flaming Sacraficial Dagger pocket watch forever ring(timelord) golem mace seal of shadows Dark Scimitar Black Gold Stud Cape Of Thorazul Bracer of Light Elven Brew All Runes(earth, wind, water, life, etc)


PFE and Invis are a good idea. There are a few sneaky mobs and aggro mobs that'll annoy higher levels and pose a problem for lower levels.


Zone Start

Crossroads of the World

Step By Step


The Goblin HeadQuarters The tunnel widens into a large (well, large for goblins) cavern that serves as the living quarters for the goblins of Miden'nir. The bones of numbers woodland creatures are strewn about the room, the remnants of a recent meal. [ Exits: n *e ] (evil)A mountain goblin is wandering around mumbling to himself… (EVIL)The goblin leader surveys the room.

kill leader for orb


Dark Rift A realm of total darkness lies before you. Small flickering Torches line the way to a mighty castle. But something seems to stand in the way of your path…….. [ Exits: n ](NoFlee)


The Shadow Prince. -Seireno Garamonde glows with a bright white light! -Seireno Garamonde is surrounded by a flaming aura!

kill for key(dispelable)


*(EVIL)The Dark queen is here, standing beside her love. -Elsidel, the Shadow Queen glows with a bright white light! -Elsidel, the Shadow Queen is surrounded by a flaming aura! (EVIL)The Dark King lurks here in the shadows, waiting to strike! -Dargamus, The Shadow King glows with a bright white light! -Dargamus, The Shadow King is surrounded by a flaming aura!

queen = black gold stud both dispelable, queen flees

3su, all north,

Bottom of the Tower This room is surprisingly dark, considering the large window overlooking a rather dismal looking forest, with dried up and decaying trees as far as you can see. [ Exits: e s w u ]

all west, open do, west=aggro THorazul OR 3su, all north, allup = Runemaster

THEN 4s, all east, up

3rd Level It has been many years sence the last warrior has set foot on this ruined plane. But yet you get this uneasy feeling as you walk down its long halls. And something tells you, you might not be alone here. [ Exits: w d ]

from here, all west is darkness with aggro syreen guards

4w, all south

Room of Shadow's Darkness, all you can see is damn darkness. [ Exits: n ] loads golem mace

3ne = lab nw = dark [keys to lab and dark are on mobs located on lower level.] [these mobs sneak and are somewhat hard to find.]

2n = place where seal of shadows loads

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