Tranquil Path (TP) Overview

Level Range

Avatar - Hero (90+)


Tiger/Dragon Order Anklet Tiger/Dragon Brand Shield of Natures Blades Mask of Gourna Sword of Ragnorok Sword of the Deep Seeded Heart of Dark Forest Cloak of the New Moon

Special Notes

This zone is quite difficult for the new hero. It requires some stealthy speed-walking just to get into it. After that, you often need a hero ranger along to mudslide mobs out of their rooms. However, clearing space with dragonflys that replicate themselves can be a daunting task. This is not a zone that should be taken solo except by some of the most keen players.

Protection from Evil (PFE), Sneak, Invis, No-Lights and Neutral alignment are definitely good things to have on before entering.


Zone Start

relocate or portal to worlds

Step By Step


Runic Circle There appears to be a small camp in the center of this part of the clearing, surrounded by an arcane and glowing runic circle. Crates of supplies, lights, and weapons are stacked here, along with bedding and several staves and wands. None of the creatures in the clearing dare to assault this position, probably repelled by the runic circle, so this appears to be a safe place, a port in the very heart of the storm, so to speak. [ Exits: n e s w ] A tall, heavyset monk stands here, his bare chest oddly hairy. -Gerhalt, Last of the Council glows with a bright white light! -Gerhalt, Last of the Council is hovering above the ground. (good)A tall, tree-like woman stands here patiently, casting her eyes about. -Shyzrin, Forest Elemental glows with a bright white light! -Shyzrin, Forest Elemental is hovering above the ground. (evil)A tall ranger stands here, gazing off into the darkness. -Nature's Bladesman, Kamon glows with a bright white light! -Nature's Bladesman, Kamon is hovering above the ground. (GOOD)A priest of nature stands here, tending to his companions. -Felix, Priest of Gourna glows with a bright white light! -Felix, Priest of Gourna is hovering above the ground. A powerful chanter from the order of the tiger stands here. -Tiger Monk, Qameel glows with a bright white light! (GooD)A mighty chanter from the dragon order stands here. -Dragon Monk, Anzahr glows with a bright white light!


Within the Tree [ Exits: *s u ] (EVIL)The corrupted Ragnar stands here, silent, watching you. -Ragnar glows brightly, and is covered in flames.

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