Level Range

Avatar - Hero (55+)


Anklet of the Sun Wand of Protection a beautiful flower Necklace made of Roses Sandlas made of Tulips Dandelion Ring Spirit of the Gods Mask of Wisdom Symbol of Ji Do Kwon


A fairly straight forward zone. I like to relocate to 3.cho to check on the anklet, or to Kwon to check on the SOG. SOG is best about gear short of a Jihad Cloak.


Zone Start

Skencost Fountain

Step By Step


Entrance to the Temple You approach the entrance to a strange temple. The writings on the wall appear asian in origin. You can't make out what they mean but the pictures of two huge dragons on the wall are quite intimidating. In the arch hang various belts of different colors. [ Exits: n e s w ]

6n (walks around some…)

You fly north. The Dining Hall The Hwa-rong knights are famous for their fierce fighting skills. Included in their training is a diet that helps them get ready for battle. This is where they meet to discuss their battles and enjoy the companionship of their brothers [ Exits: n e s w ] (good)Tsing, the crazy chef kills a chicken! -Tsing, the crazy chef glows with a bright white light!

F Fog him…


Master Cho's Chambers Master Cho is one of the most resilient of all the Masters. he worships the sun, which is plainly evident from all of the pictures on the wall. Two giant candles burn brightly in the corner. [ Exits: s ](NoFlee) (good)Master Cho sits patiently. -Master Cho glows with a bright white light!

the room is !flee so either get a ranger to mudslide him or be good enough to straight tank him. He really isnt all that hard, any hero can take him. He loads anklet of the sun.


Master Sop's Chamber This room houses Master Sop. Various ropes align the floor and hang from the ceiling. A small plant grows in the corner. Next to the bed is a diagram of a tiger, with the heading: Fast is subtle, smooth, and strong! [ Exits: n ] (good)Master Sop stretches his legs. -Master Sop glows with a bright white light!

F Fog him - he loads some crappy item.


The Hwa-Rong Healer The Healers' room is filled with needles, presumedly used for acupuncture, and various herbs and plants. Hundreds of candles burn brightly, illuminating his room. [ Exits: s ] (GooD)Kun-Chay the Healer creates a potion! -Kun-Chay the Healer glows with a bright white light!

F Fog him - he loads wand of protection (casts armor)


Master Kooryo's Chamber This is the private room of Master Kooryo. A small bed sits next to what appears to be a set of weights. A slight draft breezes in from a vent in the ceiling. Three small statues sit in the corner of the room. [ Exits: n ] (good)Master Kooryo meditates in silence. -Master Kooryo glows with a bright white light! -Master Kooryo is surrounded by a flaming aura!

F Fog him - this guy loads “a beautiful flower” which is a kick ass earring but drows cant wear it.


Master Pagwe's Chamber You have entered the private room of Master Pagwe. This room is filled with hundreds of candles and statues. Pictures and diagrams of battles outline the walls. A skull with an axe in it lies on the floor. [ Exits: w ] (good)Master Pagwe meditates in silence. -Master Pagwe glows with a bright white light! -Master Pagwe is hovering above the ground.

F Fog - loads dandelion ring or sandals made of tulips


Master Eadan's Chamber Books and more books line the walls of this room. A desk in the corner has papers all over the place. This place is a mess! Three flags hang in the corner, though you do not recognize them. A book titled “The Creed of Ji Do Kwon” lies at your feet. However, you are zapped in your attempt to pick it up. It must be changed. [ Exits: w ] (good)Master Eadan practices his forms. -Master Eadan glows with a bright white light! -Master Eadan is hovering above the ground.

F Fog - loads Necklace made of Roses


Grand Master's Chamber You have reached the chambers of the Grand Master, An. This great warrior was once a knight in the clan who proved that he could succeed as a master. Years ago after their previous Grand Master died, a vicious power battle erupted between An and Master Don. An defeated Don in battle and banished him from the temple. The room is rather plain. A few pillows rest in the corner at the bottom of some drapes that hang from the ceiling. [ Exits: w *u ] (good)Grand Master An eyes you cautiously. -Grand Master An glows with a bright white light! -Grand Master An is hovering above the ground.

F Fog and have lights to see him - this guy loads the key to check Ji Do Kwon(you can relocaet to him too) and Mask of Wisdom(awesome mask)

This ancient warrior is scarred from many battles. As leader of the Hwa-rong clan he leads them into battle and answers the challenges from other Grand Masters. He stands rather plainly in his dobak. You notice in his belt there are nine notches, indicating he is a 9th degree black belt. Grand Master An has a few scratches.

Grand Master An is using: <lt hand.> a Black key [excellent]


The Spirit of Ji Do Kwon The room is completely dark. You can feel a strange presence fly past you. A gentle whisper reveals that this room houses the warrior spirit of Ji Do Kwon, the code to which the Hwa-Rong Knights pledge themselves. [ Exits: *d ] *The Spirit of Ji Do Kwon fills the room. -The Spirit of Ji Do Kwon glows with a bright white light! -The Spirit of Ji Do Kwon is hovering above the ground.

this guy is hard as CRAP!! I recommend death mages and enchanter because he summons the last mob he attacked(so if its a protector of the groove who died he wont summon anyone)

he loads the all powerful - Spirit Of The Gods

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