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Adaon was a famous player from the early days of MT. At the time, Heroes were a rare thing, and a Hero that played without a cleric, even more so. Adaon dominated both NPCs and Players alike, racking up the highest PK amount in clan wars, and solo'ing mobs you'd not consider with a small group. Most hilarious was his prized Anklet of Toshace that had +8dam from a tweak and rare gems.

Funny Anecdote

Adaon was famous for finding obscure MUD crashes and exploiting them to check rare loads. It was told by one Imm that snooped him, he would run into unexplored zones, find bugged mobs and send raw data outside the normal character set to trigger buffer overloads.

Adaons Exit

Adaon quick playing in the early 2000s to transition to Ever-Crack (see Everquest), a game that ruined the lives of thousands of people and stole precious player bases from all over the text-based world.

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