Game Overview for Newbies

What is this Game?

Medieval Times is a text-based role playing game. You create a character that can roam a virtual world. In this world are other players, computer generated characters, monsters, armor, weapons, magical items, boats and anything else you find in real life. To control your character, simply type in what you want to do. The game is fairly straight-forward. For example, if you want to see whats going on in the room that you are in, just type “look” , then hit the enter key. This is an example of a simple command. There are other, more complex commands like “cast”. You can find out how to use a command by reading the help file for that command. You can look these up on our website, or in the game just type “help ”. Example: “help look”.

Example: look This displays the room description and everything in it. If you have autoexit enabled it also shows the possible room exits.

Example: look bunnyhog This displays the monster named Bunnyhog's description and vitals

Example: look in sack This displays all the items in a sack. You must either be carrying the sack or it must be in the room.

Connecting to the MUD

There are lots of different ways to connect. By visiting the Play Now page you can get a list of different options as well as connect using the flash-based console fMud. We have also created a guide called Creating Your First Character (video) to help you get started as well with an explanation of creating your first character.

Your Character

When you create a character at MT there are a few things you can choose.

Race Your race determines what kind of creature you are. You can choose to be Human all the way to Half-Dragon. Please see the page for help on Races.
Sub-Race Some races let you choose a more specific birthright. With this comes a more focused ability, or innate skill. You can read up on theses by checking our Web help files for each Race.
Class Your class determines what kind of skills and spells you will have to get you through your life, it's sort of a calling or profession. You can choose to be a fighter, a spell-caster, a thief or a psionist etc. Please see the page for help on Classes.

You roll the dice for these much like DnD. Your stats affect you in different ways.

  • Strength (STR) - determines how much you can carry, how hard you hit, and how well you are at offensive skills
  • Intelligence (INT) - is how smart you are. This helps with spell-casting and mana gain each level
  • Wisdom (WIS) - is how wise you are. This also helps with spell-casting and mana gain each level. It also determines how many skill/spell practice points you gain each level
  • Dexterity (DEX) - determines how many moves you gain per level, it also helps with battle avoidance skills like dodge and other specialty skills such as sneak and hide
  • Charisma (CHA) - is how pretty you are. This helps in various ways in the game such as how much the Blacksmith charges you to repair an item. It's also like luck
  • Constitution (CON) - determines how strong of life your character is. The higher your Con the more hit points (HP) you will gain per level

Exploring the World

In a room, to see which way you may go, type exits. Then to go a direction just type the first letter of the direction you wish to go: N, S, W, E, U, D, NW, NE, SE, SW. Some terrains are very steep, and if you are not affected by the spell: fly, you might have to climb up or climb down. The command Scan will show you what characters and monsters are around you. You can also Look a direction. Example: look n


Once in the game there are many ways to communicate with other players, and sometimes with computer controlled characters. We will deal only with communication between you and the rest of the world.

Say This sends your message to the room you are in, only people in that room can hear you, so make sure to look first and see if the person you're talking to is actually there, else you're just muttering to yourself. Example: say hello
Tell This sends a message to a specific person. You must know their name, they must be in the game, but they can be anywhere in the world. Example: tell trox hello
Shout This sends a message to the entire surrounding area. The world is divided into zones, which are usually cities, castles, dungeons, villages etc. Everyone who is in the same zone as you will hear you. Example: shout where are you all at?
Newbie This sends a message to everyone in the entire world, if they are tuned into this channel. This is a good communication channel to use if you have any questions, someone will probably give you an answer. Example: newbie Where can I go to explore now
Gossip This is another global channel. You can use this once you reach level 5. It's a more grown up way to communicate and you can say just about anything over this channel as long as it's not vulgar or too mean. Example: gossip What time does the quest start tonight again?
Other There are special channels of communication that will become available to you later in the game, like a channel just for Avatars, Clan members, Spirits etc.

Getting Character Info

When you enter the world, there will be some things about yourself that you will want to know and keep track of, it could mean the difference between life and death. Here are some helpful commands to get you started, and keep you up to date with what's going on with your character.

Score This will display your character's information. Your vital statistics, stats, conditions, points earned and experience among other things are shown. You can use sc for short
Equipment This shows what you are wearing. Depending on your race and class, you have the ability to wear equipment on certain parts of your body. You can use the commands: wear, wield, remove to get dressed or undressed. You can use eq for short to see the equipment you are wearing.
Inventory This shows your inventory, what you are carrying on your person, but not wearing. Your inventory is limited by weight, which is shown in Score. Imagine you have a magical backpack on, and the items shown to you with this command are located in that backpack. If you can't carry any more items you should use the locker command to store things. You can use i for short.
Affect This command will show what is affecting your character. Spells cast on you, potions quaffed, and even some items will bestow magical properties on your character. You can use aff for short.

Getting MUD Info

When you enter the world, there will be some things you will probably want to keep abreast of. Here are some helpful commands to get you started, and keep you up to date with what's going on in the world.

MOTD The Message of the Day (MOTD) is what scrolls by you when you log in. Here you can find the most recent announcements. Sometimes it is updated during gameplay.
NEWS The News is updated constantly with changes to the MUD. It is also posted on the web site.
Last The command last shows you your most recent tells. There is also a last for every other communication channel: lastnewbie, lastgossip, lastbarter etc.
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