Toggle Command

The toggle command is useful for setting game preferences. It can be used to automatically display or hide certain features of the game.

To access the toggler, simple type toggle. Once inside the toggler, you enter the number or letter combination to change a setting ON or OFF. Once you have completed making your adjustments, type 'Q' followed by 'Y' to save changes.

** One note, many of these settings are accessible via shorter commands. For example, you can type simply brief at anytime in the game to toggle Brief Mode without entering the toggler.

Toggler Screen

Options Toggler
[ 1] Auction:        ON  [ 2] Barter:         ON  [ 3] Clan Gossip:     ON
[ 4] Clan Tell:      ON  [ 5] Gossip:         ON  [ 6] Gratz:           ON
[ 7] Music:          OFF [ 8] Newbie:         ON  [ 9] OOC:             ON
[10] Shouts:         ON  [11] Tells:          ON

[RS] Repeat Self:    YES [ B] Beepable:       YES [CF] Charmy Feedback: ON
[AI] Arena Info:     ON  [ I] Infochan:       ON

[A1] Auto-gold:      YES [A2] Auto-loot:      YES [A3] Auto-sacrifice:  NO
[A4] Auto-assist:    NO  [A5] Auto-split:     NO  [A6] Auto-follow:     YES
[A7] Auto-exit:      YES [A8] Auto-survey:    NO

[BM] Brief Mode:     ON  [BF] Brief Fight:    OFF [GS] Group Short:     NO
[SP] Summon Protect: OFF [RP] Recall Protect: ON  [MD] Mob Cond Dis:    YES
[RA] Room Affects:   YES [MS] Mud Sound:      OFF [CL] Color Level:     complete
[DD] Damage Display: YES [PP] Page Prompt:    NO  [WL] Wimp Level:      OFF
[CT] Chnl Timestamp: ON

[Q] Quit

Turning these ON and OFF is equivalent to hiding or gagging them from your character. You will no longer be able to see what others post on these channels, nor will you be able to use them.


These are feedback notices from the MUD. The two most significant to note are beepable and charmy feedback. Beepable determines whether or not people can try to get your attention by sending your MUD client the command to make a noise. Most MUD clients support this and will execute some sort of ding sound to let you know players are trying to get your attention. Charmy feedback is for Charmy classes (see Druid, Necro, Mage, Antipal). This will determine the amount of feedback you get from your charmies when you give them a command.


These make life easier by automatically doing things for you. The only reason to really turn these off is so that you don't accidentally loot a corpse you don't mean to, or if you prefer to use your MUD client's triggers to handle it instead.


A group of misc settings. For most people I don't recommend brief modes unless you've played here for a while. Turn on Damage Display to see how much you do each attack (can be useful for judging the power of new equipment). Wimp level is also useful. It will make your character attempt to flee a battle should your HP fall under a certain amount. Oftentimes a mob may strike for damage too quickly to execute a flee. With the computer handling this, you have a much better chance of survival.

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