Inventory Command

The basic command to check what you have on your character (in your character's inventory) is to simply type inventory. Here is a basic result:

You are carrying:
a gunny sack (15lbs)
Town Map of the Crossroads
A Map of the Crossroads Newbie Zone
a canteen (200/200)
a waybread
a waybread

Inventory Management

Good inventory management is crucial to keeping track of important gear and making sure your character doesn't get bogged down with junk. Each item on your character (both equipped and in your inventory) count toward your character weight (see Score). If you max out your weight, you can't move and will be force to drop or junk equipment.

Organizing with Containers

You can keep equipment organized in sacks and bags. Some cloaks also double as containers and you'll know that it is a container either by identifying it or by seeing the weight of the container next to it in parentheses (). Don't be confused, however, by seeing the weight also listed next to water containers. You can't put items in a water container, only water.

Put equipment in a sack: put <item> sack

Take equipmenet out of a sack: get <item> sack

Organizing with Lockers

Lockers are a unique addition to MT. They allow characters to store items off their person for a fee. This means that you can save equipment without it adding to your characters weight. Each time you check an item in, you will be charged a fee based on your level.

To locker an item: locker checkin <item>

To get an item back: locker checkout <item>

To see locker list: locker list

Other Commands

There are a few other commands you'll want to know about.

  • Junk - the junk command lets you complete delete an item from the game. There is no restoring the item afterward. While it's rarely necessary to junk items (as opposed to just dropping it), it can be beneficial in more advanced zones to junk a key so that when the zone resets, the key will reload
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