Matching a Race to a Class

Choose a Class FIRST

The class selection will have a larger impact on your experience in MT than race. Your role in the group, the ease or difficulty of solo playing, etc. are all determined by the choice of your two characters. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance to solidify this first. You can find our section on classes here.

Once that choice is made, however, if you do not properly choose a race you could easily end up with a sub-par character. Even at higher levels, lacking the proper stats will affect combat as well as HP/MP gain early on. Here are some basic tenets to consider:

  • HP gains are determined primarily by your Constitution (CON). Tank characters ought to either be strong in this area, or strong in their ability to dodge
  • MP gains are determined primarily by your Wisdom (WIS) and Intelligence (INT). Spell casters need to keep an eye on this stat, though to truly be useful, a balance should be struck between high mana and sufficient HP. Mobs can change targets temporarily and if you are, for example, a Mage with low HP, you could die if you are targeted.
  • Charmy classes (Necro & Druid) need high Charisma (CHA) in order to summon more charmies, assuming this is their primary tactic. The unfortunate reality is the trade off is usually in HP and they end up being poor tanks. Depending on your character strategy, a balance could be struck with the right class combo.
  • Certain races are limited in their equipment selection. Minotaurs, half-dragons and centaurs all have equipment limits. The Monk class also has equipment limits. Fewer pieces of eq can mean worse AC rating, which affects your ability as a tank
  • Dexterity (DEX) and Armor Class (AC) play a huge role in your ability to dodge attacks. Certain races, such as feline, are ideal for classes like Amazon and Monk that do a great deal more dodging than they do absorbing damage.
  • Minotaurs can wield a 2-Handed weapon in 1 hand. The advantage is that 2-handed weapons typically have a higher damage output to compensate for the fact that most characters can only wield one. This is a factor to be considered against their fewer eq slots.

Typical Class/Race Matches

Amazon + Feline: Pretty much the only great option. I would choose the sub-race that offers extra chance to dodge

Cleric + High Elf: Clerics tend to be mana-sluts. While this needs balancing to account for their likely acquisition of aggro mid-battle, the high Wis/Int combo of a high elf makes it a likely choice.

Druid + Drow Elf: This choice is made purely for the high CHA of the Drow. The high CHA means the Druid gets to summon the maximum number of charmies.

Necro + Drow Elf: Again, this is for the charmy factor. One of the draw backs of Drow is the low HP gain.

Psionist + Human: This is a balance issue. Psionists draw from all stats and Humans fair well across the board.

Paladin + Dwarf: This selection is primarily helpful in acquiring large amounts of HP. The forte of the Paladin is to absorb damage while self-healing. No race sets up better to acquire high HP than a Dwarf.

Other Resources

On our Medieval Times Top Players page you can find a grid that shows a break down of the most common Class/Race combinations. This can give you a decent overview of the choices that “experienced” players (played 50+ levels) have chosen and perhaps had success with.

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