In the time of ancient cities and powerful wizards there arose a great turmoil in the heavens and an unrest upon the land. The gods above began to war with one another for supremecy of the land beneath, and the people of the land hid in terror as fire and ice, lighting and storm fell from above. As the war engulfed the gods, each believing they were correct and the others wrong, the land and people suffered greatly. Cities that had stood for hundreds of years crumbled in hours, taking many with them. Forests that had watched the passing of centuries turned to ash killing generations of elves that had lovingly cared for them. Oceans boiled away, mountains fell, others rose and the land was laid to waste.

Then the most horrible sound echoed through the nearly desolate land, the dying scream of gods as they tumbled from the heavens. The few people that had managed to survive covered their ears and wept bitter tears as one by one the very stars of heaven fell, rending hearts in two as the world became soaked with their blood. Just when the people were sure they would not survive another night a silence fell upon them. Not a peaceful silence of a quiet morning, but a dreaded silence of emptiness and death. The people slowly emerged from their sanctuaries and looked to see a solitary god, bloody sword in hand, gazing about him.

Juma listened to the emptiness and saw the bodies of his fallen brothers and sisters. The blood dripped silently from his sword as he surveyed the destruction about him, the terrified faces of the people the gods had created and the black emptiness of the world he had destroyed. A scream of anguish burst forth from his lips, his tears fell to the ground and he turned his sword against himself. The people stood back in shock and confusion as Juma fell to the ground, his blood mingling with his siblings. As he lay dying his blood gave life to new gods, from the blackness of his soul rose Cronus, the god of chaos; from the indecision of his heart came Fate, god of neutrality; and as he spoke his final words- “Remember my laws”, his dying gasp gave life to Trox, god of order.

These new gods worked togeather and with the people to start anew. Helped build new cities, plant forests and worked hard to bring forth a new land from the ruins around it. But, like the gods that proceeded them, each began to think that their way was the right way, the ONLY way, and rifts began to form. They stopped working together and began to sway people against the others. Small skirmishes broke out and the land was once again being thrown into turmoil. Fearing that the gods would once again wage war with eachother the wisest and eldest of mages, druids and clerics sought out Juma's final resting place in hopes of finding the answer there. For days they waited, prayed, and talked as the heavens turned an angry red above them and reports began to trinkle in of the oceans churning with unrest and trees moaning in distress. Then, when they were sure all hope was lost, a small child caught sight of a flash of silver as lighting flashed across the sky. Reaching down they unearthed Juma's sword and the answer was there. Gathering togeather they used the most ancient of magic, prayers and spells to call forth the power of the sword to bring peace to the land.

From the power of the spells, the power of the sword and the mix of blood that still remained on it rose Apollo, the god of balance. Wielding Juma's sword as his own Apollo brought it down with a mighty crash upon the land, causing all fighting to halt. The gods arrived together fearful that somehow they had awoken Juma but they were greeted by all the people of the land, standing around Apollo. “The great Juma brought you three forth, hoping to give us a new start, ” an ancient elven sorceress spoke up, “but you have again turned your eyes away from the people and back to your own grasp at power. We have used our magic, and Juma's sword to call forth a champion of our own, a god of balance, in hopes that your fighting will not destroy the land again.” Fate, Cronus and Trox consulted with each other each seeing the desolation they first saw when they were created before them again, Juma's sword still silently dripping blood, and did not want this future to befall them too. Trox spoke up, “We have been foolish to follow our forebearers paths and bow to your wisdom. We may never again work as we once did, but with Apollo, perhaps we will not fight as they once did.”

But the peace did not last, a great evil entered into the land. It passed throughout the land destroying everything and everyone in its path. Disention among the Gods ran rampant. Trox seeing this, could not let this happen to all that has been built up. He mustared up all the strength he could to battle this great evil. The battle was long and bloody, causing many casualties along the way.

But in the end, Trox triumphed, though with a heavy toll. Cronus, Fate and Apollo were destroyed, not to be seen of again. The land once again was sent into ruins, but Trox starts anew in this land with his many surviving followers and enters into Medieval Times…

Transcribed from the pages of the gods by Ivy, once wanderer of the realm who now resides with the gods.

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