Here is the list of available classes on Medieval Times.

The class type shows you what kind of classification the class is listed as, mostly for equipment reasons. For example, if the class is listed as PURECASTER, then it can use items that PURECASTERS can use.

Name             Remort Name      Class Type
Mage             Sorcerer         CASTER, PURECASTER, CHARM
Cleric           Priest           CASTER, PURECASTER
Necromancer      DeathMage        CASTER, CHARM, DEATH
Psionist         Mindflayer       PURECASTER
Thief            Assassin         MELEE, PUREMELEE
Warrior          Mercenary        MELEE, PUREMELEE
Samurai          Shogun           MELEE, PUREMELEE
Monk             Chanter          MELEE, PUREMELEE
Druid            Enchanter        HYBRID, CHARM
Paladin          Templar          HYBRID
Anti-Paladin     DarkKnight       HYBRID
Ranger           Guardian         HYBRID
Amazon           Virago           MELEE

Favorite Class

What is your favorite PRIMARY class?
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