Amazons are warrior women from a mystical island who have great strength and prowess in the fighting arts. They are most proficient with a staff that can be created from the Amazon's body and have many specialized skills in that area. The damage of an Amazon's staff is dependant upon the level of the Amazon. Amazons are penalized for not using their staff as their primary weapon. These women also have the ability to heal their living staff using mana. Only a female can be an Amazon, and a remorted Amazon becomes a Virago.

Special Note

Amazons are considered some of the best “tank” classes in the game because of their numerous dodge abilities. However, their damage is severely lacking. Be sure to keep this in consideration when starting them. Also, because the summon a staff, that eliminates 1 piece of key equipment that you have to locate and pop off a difficult mob.

Skills and Spells

Living Staff [Min Lvl: 1] - This spell summons a staff into the hands of your character (your hands must be empty). The staff's actual stats will randomize between different elemental resists and names and also randomize between short (one-handed) or long (two-handed). While an amazon is not required to use this staff, it is often the best choice throughout the entire game, especially once the amazon reaches hero. This staff does not save on exit and must be re-summoned.

Impale [Min Lvl: 1] - This skill is the bread and butter damage skill for an amazon. During battle (or to start one) you type impale <enemy> and your character will attempt to deal an extra amount of damage. The cost, however, is that your commands are lagged for 3 rounds, leaving you unable to do anything (except continue to fight).

Level Guide

Level 1-5

While following the general 1-5 guide is a good idea, we'll give you some specifics about Amazons when starting off.

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