Medieval Times Guides

MT Guides is a collaborative attempt to document the most important aspects of the MUD and game play. The aim is to create an all-encompassing guide to the rich lands of MT, key techniques, scripts and other tidbits to help newbies and masters alike.

To this end, we have chosen to break down different aspects in a hierarchical manner, which you can see in the left hand navigation. We will also do our best to enforce some organizational consistency whenever possible and we ask that if you contribute, you do the same.

Most importantly, maintain the spirit of solidarity in collaboration and I am sure that in a very short time this wiki will become a wealth of information for all players.

Thanks, — Omega 2011/02/26 21:21

P.S. Newbies, please read the Game Overview for Newbies for an overview on key aspects of gameplay and a list of links to video tutorials.

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