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05 October, 2011:
World Change: Removed the oset command from the command list, it no longer works anyways.
Quest Change: The command quest type should be more forgiving when matching commands.
Quest Change: Added a new regex command quest type that will match typed commands against a regular expression.
World Change: Added new lua script types for rooms, objects, and mobs.

18 October, 2011:
Command Fix: Fixed a problem with reload mobs that was crashing the mud.

02 November, 2011:
World Change: The oset command is back.

08 November, 2011:
World Change: 2 new zones have been added, check out Kragspeak.

21 November, 2011:
World Change: Lots of new zones added. Check out Ferovale, Kragspeak, Braswarren, Lantol, Arkam, and Ruins.

22 November, 2011:
World Change: You can no longer use the recall command when in spirit form.
World Change: You can now send tells while sleeping or dead.

26 November, 2011:
World Change: Invisible mobs no longer show with an asterisk (*) in front of their name, they show with (Invisible) after their name.
World Change: If a mob is aggro to you, it will now show with a blinking red asterisk before it's name. &F*
World Change: You can now always loot gold even if your arms are full or you are overweight.
World Change: When typing inventory it will now show you the maximum items you can carry and what you are currently carrying.
World Change: You will now be resurrected with your items equipped that you were wearing when you died.
World Change: When looting your corpse items that were equipped will now go back to the slot they were equipped on when looted.
World Change: Containers with a lid carried by a player will now save the open/closed and locked/unlocked states to the database.

30 November, 2011:
Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where a druid/enchanters familiar was not actually doing damage to them when it died.
World Change: The red blinking asterisk in front of a mobs name will now also show up if you have attacked the mob and it is aggro to you.
World Change: No remove items will no longer be automatically equipped when getting resed or looting your corpse.

2 December, 2011:
World Change: You can now register on ruins and make it your hometown.

11 May, 2012:
Skill Fix: Steal and Psychokinesis now work properly.

9 August, 2012:
Bug Fix: The proc on Wizard Staff will now work properly.
World Change: Warrior, thief, and amazon mobs will now disarm like they should have been doing.
Mob Change: The constable of the crossroads is no longer a scavenger, meaning he won't pick up stuff dropped in his room anymore.

15 August, 2012:
World Change: Some mobs that didn't have their spec bit set for a fight spec that they had now do. The main mobs that this affects is Shannon and Pyr, they will be harder now.

14 October, 2012:
Mob Change: Shannons spec has been toned down. She will no longer completely dispel everyone attacking her or cast paralyze and the aqua pendant
proc will no longer always do half your hps in damage. The chance for her to spec has also been toned down.