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You can use any standard MUD client or Telnet to connect to our MUD. Most modern clients support ANSI colors and they are highly recommended for optimal enjoyment. : 8500 : 8500


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Welcome to Medieval Times! MT is a Multi User Dungeon (MUD) where magic users and melee types come together to defeat powerful dragons, grand wizards, and the evilest demons known to the land. Medieval Times has pure and hybrid classes and races, we have a physical and elemental damage system, trade type skills, auctioning system, ANSI color, over 170 unique zones, millions of NPCs, level based armor and weapons, along with class and race restrictions and bonuses. We have a remort system where as a level 50 mortal, you may choose to remort, starting back at level 1 but you now can achieve level 100 (Hero), gain your skills back at a sooner level, aquire new skills, and special rage attacks and defenses at 50+. We here at Medieval Times love ANSI graphics and provide a unique coloring display designed to enhance your playing experience. You can also do much more than hack and slash, we incorporte mob classification and random items are dropped that can be used in certain trade skills and quests. Come conquer our realm!

Newbie Guides

Are you new to Medieval Times MUD (MT)? We know learning a new text-based game can be a daunting task. But never you fear, we have all the guides you need right here, including videos, pdfs and downloadable scripts for Zmud, Cmud, WinTin and MUSH clients.


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